Made in Barcelona: 3 Barcelona-Based Businesses You'll Love

Quick! When I say Barcelona, what pops into your head? The beach? Gaudí? Football? While Barcelona can be all of these things, it’s also so much more. I don’t know everything about Barcelona, but I have been living here for two years, and one of my favorite things to do is explore the local brands, products, and goods that are here. As I continue to explore, I wanted to share three of my favorites with you. Without further ado, here are three Barcelona-based companies I love.

Right Side Coffee Roasters


There are two sides of the brain: The left side and the right side. The left attributes to logic, things like math and science. The right side attributes to creativity, like art and music. Joaquín Parra, the brain child behind Right Side Coffee Roasters has always considered himself a right side guy and wanted it to show in his coffee, hence the name. I used to be a much bigger coffee drinker than I am now, switched over primarily to tea about a year ago, but one thing I can’t say no to is Right Side Coffee. Although technically its origin is in Castelldefels and not Barcelona, I promise you—it’s like they sprinkle a bit of crack on the beans… it’s good. With such full and rich flavors, no wonder they’re award-winning… they’ve won the Spanish Barista Championship and the World Roaster Championship, just to name a few. So if you’re serious about morning joe you can order online through their site or if you’re in Barcelona it’s served and available for purchase at Caravelle, Satan’s, or Skye.

For more information and to shop online, visit their website:


Paloma Wool

paloma post.jpeg

Following in her parents’ footsteps (designers of Spain’s Nice Things and Globe from the 80’s) young designer Paloma Lanna has created a line: Paloma Wool, that honestly feels as if she stepped inside the heads of every creative female to produce it. Not just taking up space on instagram, her line is really worth mentioning. Beautiful designs that drape a woman with just the perfect touch of femininity. Each piece is flattering. Every time I wear my Panna Jacket I’m showered with compliments and questions about where I got it. About 85% of my wardrobe is thrifted or vintage, but that last 15% is all about independent designers, and Paloma Wool is one of them. She effortlessly combines fashion, photography, and experimentation (such as shooting only in film) to allow for the discovery of new elements and to really showcase both the models and her designs. She never retouches her photos, she’s careful not to overproduce, and is big on collaboration: as seen by the Tanya Posternak illustrations incorporated within the line. And one of my favorite things—her entire team is women. Now see, that’s a brand I can absolutely get behind. Yes Paloma, just yes. 

For more information and to shop online, visit their website:

paloma wool 2.jpeg

La Madre de Miren


I’m a huge fan of jellies and jams and an even bigger fan of Miren Pascual’s homemade artisanal line of jams: La Madre de Miren, inspired by her mother’s recipes. With unique flavors like kiwi with cointreau, cava with strawberries (my favorite), and cherries with vermouth these jams also have significantly less sugar than the jams you’ll find at the grocery store. And Miren doesn’t stop there, she also exclusively uses organic, local, and seasonal produce and all without preservatives making her jams really stand out. My favorite way to enjoy Miren’s tasty jams is simple: with toasted sourdough bread. Simply delicious. Check out her website to order some of her tasty jam or if you’re in Barcelona you can get it at Slow Mov, Demasié, or Granel Eixample.

For more information and to shop online, visit their website:

I hope you’ll have a chance to check out any of these Barcelona-made products either the next time you visit Barcelona or by ordering online. Please enjoy, and if you try any of them, leave a comment below and let me know how you like it. Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram and join the party.

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