Meet Amy Claborn

Meet Amy Claborn. Coffee lover and Brooklynite. Always armed with a smile and rad vintage shoes. I chatted with Amy about her favorite New York neighborhoods, early morning spots and what brought her to New York. 

amy at five leaves in greenpoint

amy at five leaves in greenpoint

Why did you move to NYC?

I had been here to visit and lived here for a summer when I was in high school and I fell in love with the city. When I came back to North Carolina, where I am from, I spent the next four years wishing I was in New York.

What is a common misunderstanding about New York?

That Manhattan is all of New York City. Even New Yorkers ourselves, we'll say "Oh, I'm from New York" and we mean we're from the city, we don't mean the state. There is an entire State out there. (chuckles) But even just for New York City a lot of people picture Manhattan and think 'oh there's New York City' but there's a lot more flavor to that. There's 1.8 million people who live in Manhattan but there's 8 million overall in New York. Someplace like Brooklyn for example is this massive borough that's mostly unexplored.

Recommendations for someone in town for a day?

Hmm, I would start them off in my corner of the world in Brooklyn. I would suggest they start in the Gowanus area, make them eat some pie at this cute little place called Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Then I would lead them over to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and have them walk the park. You get the best views and you can see the Statue of Liberty. 

What's your favorite neighborhood and why?

Off the top of my head, Fort Greene. I love Fort Greene. It has that beautiful park and I like that the neighborhood goes through all these shadings and is filled with variations. You've got the navy yard, brownstones, and tons of great places to eat, plus there's a huge generational feeling there.

build it green aka big reuse in gowanus

build it green aka big reuse in gowanus

four and twenty blackbirds in gowanus

four and twenty blackbirds in gowanus

It's 3am in the city, you can't sleep what are you doing?

Well boring Amy is watching Netflix. Exciting adventure Amy is probably going on a bike ride through my neighborhood, burning off a bit of energy. I live near Prospect Park so if you stay on the outside it's not too bad. 

Where can we find you on a Saturday morning?

Either in my backyard or maybe Build it Green which is our local enormous thrift reuse/recycle space. Find your vinyls, books and pots there.

Favorite early morning spot?

Five Leaves in Greenpoint. Someone stood me up for a coffee date there once so I decided to treat myself and I thought "I have to treat myself all the time here." I love their avocado toast.

amy at five leaves in greenpoint

amy at five leaves in greenpoint

five leaves in greenpoint

five leaves in greenpoint

Current musical listens?

Bon Iver and James Blake collaborated on a song together called Horsefire, which I love. That's been on repeat.

Favorite 90's cartoon?

Confession: I wasn't really into cartoons however I was really into Spiderman and I liked Pokeman cards.

Televison series of the moment?

I recently finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmit. Now I'm watching Gilmore Girls, I never watched it growing up. 

Favorite time of the day?

I wish I was a morning person, but I'm not. I like dusk. I'm a dusk person.